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Toronto is a Canadian city, the capital of the province of Ontario. It's the most populous city in Canada. It boasts a diverse population that reflects Canada's historical and current cordiality to immigration.


According to documented sources, before 1800, Toronto was home to the Iroquois, an indigenous confederacy that had earlier displaced the Wyandot people in 1500. In the 19th C, Toronto went down into the history books after being captured by US forces in 1813. In the 20th C, a large part of the city was destroyed in what came to be known as the Great Toronto Fire of 1904.

Politics and Governance

The City of Toronto Act makes Toronto a single-tier municipality with a mayor-council system. The mayor, who heads the city, is elected as the chief executive by popular vote. There's also a unicameral legislature known as the Toronto City Council, whose members represent the city's geographical wards.

Transportation in Toronto

Toronto boasts one international airport and several others. The road transport network has municipal expressways and provincial highways that serve the entire city. When it comes to rail transport, the city is home to the Toronto subway system, which is the core of Toronto's public transport network.


Toronto contributes 20% of Canada's GDP. The city is an international business and finance center and the financial capital of Canada. Besides being an economic hub, Toronto serves as a commercial and distribution center. Media, tourism, and technology are also worthy contributors to Toronto's economy.

Places to see and things to do

Toronto is also a city with many places of attraction that give visitors plenty of things to do. We are talking about museums, art galleries, theatres, casinos, parks and much more.